Take The 30-Days Squat Challenge That Works- Infographic


Squat challenges are all the rage now. When it comes to glutes-sculpting moves, there’s no better, more efficient exercise than the squat. This exercise targets not only your butt, but also considered as best exercise for abs, core and thighs too. When you are decided to put together a plan that helps you look banging, it had to be 30-days squat challenge. This is one of our most popular challenges and gives you the best results that you want, if you stick to it and complete all 30 days. Follow the plan and adjust it slightly according to your ability level and schedule.

Please follow this challenge chart below each day and see the difference how your progress goes on by commenting below through your valuable comments.

30 day squat challenge
Infographic Credit: http://magazine.vitality.co.uk/

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