Women Bodybuilding : Will Lifting Weights Make a Woman Bulky? [Infographic]

women bodybuilding myths

“I can’t lift weights.” I don’t want to get bulky.” Or “I don’t want to gain muscle. I just want to tone the muscle I already have.”These are just a couple of the common responses you must have heard when someone suggest strength training to women who are interested in getting in better shape. That’s because there are so many myths about women’s weight training and female bodybuilding which do not ever seem to go away. Here’s an infographic by Nowsourcing which reveals all such myths, Have a look:

women bodybuilding myths

Though there is a bit of a paradigm shift happening the past few years as more women are making their way into the weight room and going for bodybuilding In fact, there are women who are following home-based workout regimen for themselves as well. But there are still few of them who don’t consider bodybuilding a girly thing. Let’s spread the right information and let women know women these bodybuilding myths and let them pursue bodybuilding as a profession like men do.

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