Muscle Building for Skinny Guys – Video

Every gym in the world has a guy, You know…the big dude? Everyone knows when he comes in. Heads turn. The most popular guy in the room when he arrives. The one who is on top of the list of “THE MAN”! He is the biggest dude in the gym. I am sure you’ll agree…!

And then every gym also has this guy who always seems to be nervous. When he comes in, he is always self-conscious for some reason. He may not be too sure what he is doing, but he really wants to succeed. He is known as the little dude and is the skinniest guy in the gym.

One thing that every skinny guy has in common is that they see that big guy every time he shows up, they watch him and think “Someday I want that to be me.”

If you are one of those skinny guys, you are not alone. A lot of people want to be the celebrity of the gym. They all want to be the local legend that are talked about.

I would say, Its high time that you try what is effective for you instead of following that typical regimen blindly which is doing no good to you. Here’s a video from six pack shortcuts which is worth watching if you are skinny and want to build muscles. Check this out:

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