Kickboxing – The Best Cardio Workout



Following the same workout routine can be boring sometimes. Mixing up things can turn the same boring workout fun and worthwhile. Cardio kickboxing is something that will add fun and enjoyment to your daily workout schedule. It can be defined as a technique that combines three separate disciplines: martial arts, aerobics, and boxing, all of which are vigorous workouts. Adding kickboxing to your workout plan can therefore lead to further toning of your body as well as increase your endurance power in a fun way. This workout can be performed easier by this Human Hormone Growth Energizer.

In a cardio kickboxing workout session, you are required to challenge yourself instead of any competitor. It involves performing a series of kicks and punches to a beat of fast music, making the performance swifter and thus adding even more fun to it. Cardio kickboxing can be called as a complete body workout, as you will see a considerable loss of body weight, a more shaped body and also a relaxed mind after adding it to your daily workout session.

Benefits of kickboxing

There are a lot of benefits associated with kickboxing workout. Some of these are:
1. Burns body fat
As kickboxing is a combination exercise (martial arts, aerobics, boxing),it helps you to burn calories and melt that stubborn fat around your belly associated with various heart ailments. It is an incredible weight loss tool that burns around 700-750 calories in your body, if performed consistently for an hour. This is why most of the obese or overweight people are recommended to do kickboxing or add it to their daily workout regimen.

2.Tones the entire body
Kickboxing forces you to involve almost every muscle group of your body, hence toning and shaping every muscle of your entire body. If you make use of kickboxing pads instead of doing simple air boxing, you will not only achieve a slim and trim waist line, but a complete workout of your back muscles. This is because when you use kickboxing pads, your workout will require even more core (back and waist) power. By engaging your core in kickboxing, you will also improve the muscle co-ordination, along with their flexibility and reflexes.

3. Maintains heart health
The reason to call kickboxing as cardio kickboxing is due to its ability to helps in improving and maintaining the health of your heart. Although kickboxing starts with a light warmup phase of kicking and punching exercises lasting for about 10-15 minutes, but after that the procedure leads to more intense and vigorous jumping, weaving and bobbing, along with punches and kicks. This increases the heart rate and speeds up the blood flow improving the cardio conditions.

4. Release stress and aggression
Although kickboxing workout is considered by those who want to tone up their body and loose some weight, but it is also a great way to kickout stress and aggression out of your body. This particular benefit makes it an ideal workout for many. Not only you experience a better sleep at night, but also an improved mental health. Along with that cardio kickboxing helps in reconstructing your self confidence making you feel smart and confident wherever you go.

Include kickboxing in your daily workout regimen and stay fit physically as well as mentally.

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