Are You Aware Of These Protein Rich Food Items To Build Muscles – Infogrpahic

There is a secret to gaining or retaining more muscle mass with less training. And yes, the secret is protein. You must know which food items rich in protein are appropriate for you to gain muscle mass.

To get you started, here is the list of protein rich food items essential for muscle growth and strength:


Eggs contain high quality protein and nine essential amino acids. You can add eggs to every possible meal or even to shakes. Eggs are digested and absorbed easily and are extremely useful in ensuring a balanced protein diet.


Skinless chicken is an excellent source of high quality protein, which is vital for muscle maintenance, repair and weight management.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is comprised of pure casein protein, a slow digesting protein. It is perfect for muscle growth and maintenance.

Whey Protein

There is a reason why whey protein supplements are the most consumed supplements in the world; reason being they provide a convenient source of protein. You can consume it according to your convenience as it gets digested easily.

Go through the infographic given below and know everything about protein rich foods you need to know to build your muscles.


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