5 easy steps to detect fake bodybuilding supplements – Infographic

For a regular Gym goer, professional bodybuilder, or athlete, one of the most important question is of the supplements. Or of choosing the best supplements for themselves. But how to make sure that the best supplement they are opting is Best for themselves and is not FAKE…??

When it comes to quality nutritional supplements like Protein, Creatine, Glutamine, fat burners and even multi-vitamins , one need to be very particular about the genuineness of the same. There is a huge market for these supplements but unfortunately Fake bodybuilding supplements products in India are on the rise these days. Since we all want to buy a quality product that would give faster results, we end up buying the fake ones for ourselves. One really need to have the knowledge to detect whether the supplements He/She is taking is Real or Fake. Attached below is the inforgraphic which gives 5 ways of detecting your bodybuilding supplements. Consider this, and make sure that you have a good and real bodybuilding supplement for yourself.

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