The importance of right Bodybuilding diets for Building Muscles – Infographic

Food is as important as oxygen, but when it comes to bodybuilding it is mandatory to keep a check on your diet 24*7. A diet enriched with proteins is not the only element to consider, there are other important factors to take care of too. Increase your protein intake to 1.5 gm/pound of body weight. Add chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, white eggs and red meat to your diet as they are rich sources of protein. Make sure to have around 15-20 grams of carbohydrates. Green beans or broccoli are the best sources of carbohydrates. Go for omega essential fatty acids, these are necessary to ensure good hormonal production and thence muscle growth. Flax seeds, fish oils or extra virgin olive oil is the best source of good fats.

Don’t rely on diet, training and exercise play a crucial role in muscle growth. The more training you do, the bigger your muscles become. Apart from this, don’t forget to hydrate your body at regular intervals. A dietary supplement fulfills deficiency of any nutrient. Quit bad habits as soon as possible, they will only make your muscle growth difficult. Smoking, drinking, high intake of sugar and starvation will detract your muscle gain.


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