3 Rules to Follow by Skinny Guys for Productive Muscle Building

We always focus on the art and science and everything in between of losing weight; however, very little attention is given to becoming bigger and stronger. It is also unfortunate to see so few articles written for skinny guys in order to help them better understand their bodies. Well, we can’t always blame the writers; only three percent of the population is trying to lose weight, and writing for this miniscule audience makes no commercial sense.
If you are in that three percent, then this post is for you! Read further and build stronger muscles by following 3 key rules.

Rule 1
Healthy diet is pertinent

When people constantly lament the fact that they can’t gain weight, no matter how much or hard they try, it is time to analyze their diet plan. The truth is, if you are not getting bigger, you aren’t eating well. A key note to remember here is that you need calories in abundance in order to have enough energy for muscle building process. Not many of us really care or know how to keep calories in check, but for a skinny guy starting out, keeping a check on calories is profoundly significant. Moreover, don’t think or feel that you cannot train your body to eat more. Just like a muscle that can be trained to lift heavy weights, your stomach too can be trained to eat more calories. In case, if you are looking for recommendations, then the advice is to employ Paleo Diet on a daily basis. A Paleo diet will fetch you vegetables, heavy meat, processed carbs and limited amount of gluten.

Rule 2
Follow disciplined compound exercises

Most of the guys make a terrible mistake of hitting those fancy equipment instantaneously at the gym. If you want to build fancy muscles, then forget about those equipment and machine-based abs exercises. You would be surprised to know, but these machines are not very effective for productive muscle building processes. In fact, if you have just started training your muscles, then you must focus more on compound exercises. Your objective should be to gain muscles all over the body, and not just the abs. Compound exercises such as squats, bench presses, overhead presses, body rows, dips, push ups and pull-ups will help you immensely. All these exercises freaking works!

Rule 3
Get enough rest, please!

Lastly, remember to not be hard pressed on you since, like everything else, building muscles also takes time. Your body needs recovery time to build and rebuild muscles. So it is advisable to not perform strength training on the same muscle group back-to-back. Build your muscle building routine very tactfully. Be radical and focus more on simple forms of exercises for effective results. Also, don’t be incredibly ambitious and know when to take a break. Sleeping and taking good rest in of paramount importance, and therefore, never neglect sleeping! Sleeping is healthy for building muscles.

Understandably, your journey of going from a skinny guy or gal to a stronger and healthier selves is going to be like a roller-coaster ride. Hopefully, this article should help you to ease your journey and achieve your desired muscle building goals.

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