10 Exercises Before Sleep You Can Try In Your Bed – [An Infographic]

Everyone wishes to have a good sleep which is only possible if our mind and body is relaxed. And in order to relax the mind, we can do meditation but the best way is to do exercise before sleep. These poses will induce a chill state by simply settling the nervous system, by slowing your heart rate and calming the body and mind in preparation for sleep. Exercises to be considered before going to sleep are as follows:

  • Legs up the wall pose
  • Lying hip opener
  • Child’s pose
  • The half bridge

Check out the infographic below by “fitnessreplubic.com” to know more about the exercises to be preferred before going to sleep.

The above-mentioned exercises are so relaxing that you would definitely get a good night sleep. It helps to reduce stress and muscular tension. A good night’s sleep is good for physical, mental and emotional health. Your bed should be associated with sleeping, not eating, or watching TV. The best diet for good sleep is roughly the same diet that is good for your health and longevity. Variations in the healthy diet are unlikely to have a major impact on your health so try and avoid the bad diet.

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