The Ultimate Full Body Workout


Bodybuilding is the activity of doing exercises (such as lifting weights) to make the muscles of your body larger and stronger. Weight training is the basis of bodybuilding. Bodybuilding came to the public in the late nineteenth century. There were many types of weight training towards developing different types of muscles. The main two types of muscle that were important were bulk and lean muscle. Building bulk gives size, and building lean muscle gives definition, both important to competition.

The new ways of bodybuilding are very different from the older ways. Modern strength training is less about how much weight you can lift than it is about how to make the body more efficient, lean, toned and strong with routine workout and intake of Energizers to increase energy. Here is the Infographic to help for our workouts:

full body workout

Following are some developed ways of bodybuilding.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Exercise done at a higher intensity for a shorter period-of-time will not only help you maintain your muscle, but it can actually help you build muscle and increase fitness. The higher-intensity workouts clearly build muscles better. HIIT also helps you to maintain your fitness by letting you act and do exercise quicker. With HIIT, the intensity of workout may be more exhausting, but they are short and challenging. That makes the workout more “fun” and completes it quicker. Another benefit of HIIT is that you can do it almost anywhere with any piece of equipment or without any equipment. You can use it with a jump rope, with weights, with strength bands, with your body weight.

Bodyweight Workout

When it comes to the basics of Bodyweight Training, you should be familiar with all of the essential movements: squats, lunges, pushups, pull ups etc. These are primal movements. Bodyweight Training serves as your foundation and is the driver of all of your other strengths and skills. Strength tools such as kettle-bells, dumbbells, barbells, and sandbags are useless without having the proper bodyweight strength, fitness and conditioning foundation. A great way to lose weight and make it more advanced for beginners by explosive increasing the speed of the movement.

MusclePharm 28 Method

It is a new math for major muscle gains. Variations on exercise technique and reps shock the human musculature system. The “28 method” is certainly a step up. It might be precisely what everyone is looking for. Well, it is not too complicated. It is similar to 21’s only goes a step further. With muscles already fatigued, do seven slow reps, which really gets muscles burning. So, the 28 method: Seven full reps, seven slow reps, seven reps at the top half of the movement and seven final reps at the bottom half of the movement, giving you 28 muscle-pumping reps. designed to create a wicked pump. The 28 method for lifting is simple to follow.

CrossFit workout

It is a training philosophy that, coaches people to improve their physical growth and fitness. It combines gymnastics, sprints, plyometrics and Olympic weightlifting. There are infinite variations of CrossFit exercises.

Kettlebell Clear.
Bar muscle up.
Ring muscle up.
Weighted pull up.
Push ups.
Front Squat.
Dumbbell Snatch.
Kettlebell snatch.
Hang snatch.
Bench Press.
Farmer’s Walk.

With these new ways of bodybuilding if you wish to add some supplements to increase the growth of the muscles fast you can add HGH Energizers to your routine. HGH Energizer Reviews state that these are most effective supplement product to Increase muscle mass, Stimulate the growth of all internal organs and the immune system. Also, HGH Energizer ingredients are proven to be best ingredients for increasing muscle mass, Increase energy and stamina, Better results from your current diet and workout routine and Reduction of the effects of aging on your skin and body.

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