10 Reasons to Exercise in the Winters (Part-1)

Exercise in the Winters

Winters is that time of the year when you start seeing the forecasts of snow, and start feeling like snuggling up indoors, but ironically, it is during the winters that your body needs to feel even more active.

Mentioned below are 10 most significant reasons as to why you should not worry about the falling of the temperature and get outdoors for some exercises.

1. Helps in fighting bacterial and viral infections
Research has shown that exercising outside plays a pivotal role in strengthening your immune system and help in combating bacterial and viral infections. This is very helpful particularly in winters when cold and flu become rampant.

Exercising helps in overall circulation of blood, which helps in seeking and destroying infections. The results, however, are temporary, and therefore, exercising should be a regular thing in winters.

2. You will burn more calories in winters
This is not a myth. You do burn more calories just by being chilly in the winters. But, don’t succumb to the temptation of just standing outside in the cold and expecting a massive weight loss. As per some research studies, your body needs to strain rigorously in the cold to help you reach a stable temperature. So get your running shoes out and get some outdoor exercise.

3. It also helps in healing Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD)
The sunless and dark freezing days during winters can have a strong negative impact on the overall wellbeing of a human being. For those suffering from SAD, a form of seasonal depression linked to winter, exercising helps in releasing happy chemicals in the brain. It means your brain will release enough endorphins to help you feel good and calm. Elevating the mood should be one of the reasons to exercise.

4. You will feel more energetic
Definitely winter is not the best of the time when you feel on top of your energy levels; however, exercising can really change all of that. It is true. Studies have proven that people following a sedentary lifestyle when start with moving, experience a significant drop in fatigue. Exercising can and does help you in feeling energetic even in winters.

5. Good to get some sunshine
If the Canadian Mental Health Association is to be believed, some 15 per cent of Canadians suffer from winter blues. It is so imperative for us humans to get out and get some sunshine. Activities such as walking or jogging outside help us in increased exposure to natural lights. Unlike in summers, the sunshine is harder to come by in winters, and therefore, it’s even more pertinent to get outside and get exercising.

6. Helps your lungs to detox
Of course the outside air is fresher and healthier than the inside air. So going for long walks or run outside will give your lungs a choice to detox and breathe fresh air. Inside when the heaters are on, fresh air is hard to come by. Therefore, go out and get some fresh air.

7. Exercising will keep your body warm
One of the best ways to warm your body is by exercising. Exercising helps in blood pumping, and the heat will remain with you for a long time. So exercise and maintain a good body temperature amidst the freezing cold.

8. Outdoor exercising is a good stress reliever
It is believed, and rightly so, that exercising outdoors helps in calming the nerves. The outdoors provide an excellent setting that helps in staying calm and relieving stress.

9. Exercising helps to strengthen the heart
In winters, our hearts work extremely hard to distribute blood throughout the body. However by performing appropriate exercises with cardiovascular endurances can make the heart muscles stronger, thereby protecting the heart from illnesses.

10. You will get enough Vitamin D
Despite being so cold and wintery, an extra sun exposure will supply you with great amounts of Vitamin D and other essential nutrients required for overall well being of the body. Make sure that you wear sunscreen even when it’s so cold.

If you think, these are the only reasons to exercise in winters, you are wrong. There are many more which will be discussed in the next article.

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