Defy Your Age, Stay Young…Tips to Slow Down Ageing

Tips to stay young

Have your hair started to turn gray, or do you notice an extra laugh line or two, or maybe some extra kilos around your midsection. Starting somewhere around 30’s our body begins to become more and more vulnerable to the regular wear and tear as the physical and sometimes mental operations of our body start to deteriorate. After reaching the peak of our growth in the mid 20’s, a transition takes place and we begin to age. Though we are bound to age, we can actually delay the process and defy age by living a healthy lifestyle and eating right.

Here are some tips which might help you defy age or even prevent it:

  • Eat good, live good, feel good!

There’s no denying the fact that proper nutrition and right eating promote healthy aging. Your diet plays a key role in your age defying efforts. We tend to gain weight as we grow older, but if we keep those extra pounds off with a balanced diet we can remain active and in top shape. Including antioxidants and omega 3 in our diet helps slow down aging. A calorie restricted diet with all the important nutrients should be followed. The effects of restricting calories in our diet on the longevity of our lives are far from universal.

  • Taking the help of Mother Nature….

You can start with nature and its resources to age gracefully and enjoy good health. The cardinal beauty rules we learned from our grannies are universal. Drinking plenty of water keeps skin hydrated and helps maintain its shape and elasticity plus water helps in maintaining normal bowel function, controls calories, energizes muscles etc. Herbs like garlic helps prevent heart diseases stimulates liver and digestive functions and also improves tone and texture of the skin.

  • You are only one workout away from being healthy….

It’s no secret that daily workout is age defying and keeps you young and healthy. It is said that fitness is a youth serum and effects how younger you look. Regular strength training routine helps you firm sagging skin and tones up your muscles. You can also add yoga to your workout routine as it prevents breakouts and reduces stress. Don’t forget to get optimum sleep in your routine.

  • Keep up with your aging health….

Don’t skip on regular doctor appointments. Regular checkups can prevent diseases before they happen. Treatment of diseases may take a toll on your body and it becomes all the more difficult to regain your youthfulness. Add nutritional supplements to your diet as nutritional deficiencies are also connected with aging. Hormone supplements may also be taken to prevent age related problems. Where DHEA improves brain functioning, HGH (human growth hormone) reduces blood sugar level and stimulates bone, cartilage and muscle growth.

A healthy diet, regular exercise, controlled lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking and effective stress management helps in the long run to slow down aging and in some cases even prevent it.

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