The winning secrets from Musclemania Universe

Musclemania Universe Champion, Head of PT, Ulisses shares his tips and secrets that made him a winner. ULISSES

This time of the year is about World Championships on bodybuilding. And if you are preparing for it gruesomely, you certainly go through the psychological stress by adhering to a strict nutritional regimen. The stress of competing with other best bodybuilders takes a toll on you. Ulisses says, competing part is the one that needs most fine tuning for any bodybuilder and he learns it from experience only.

Ulisses stress on losing fat for final prep than gaining muscle. He chose the diet that helped detox his system and flush out any toxins that might be stored in the body. A diet rich in vitamins, limited variance in the diet may help you flush out all the toxins through the roof.

While losing fat for the competition, it is important that you do not lose any hard earned muscle mass. For this, you must double up your protein intake and eat the lean and high protein yielding food. This may put pressure on your kidneys however, so you must increaser your water intake so that GFR (glomerular filtration rate) increases that dilutes and flush your body, says Ulisses.

Before competition or if possible, strip off all the sugar and oily food from your diet. The actual total of calories you consume probably doesn’t change too much, but a shift is where they are coming from. Near the competition I double up my protein intake, form 200g a day to 400g a day and I’d recommend you to have this particular aspect by using the 2 gms per pound of the body weight rule, says Ulisses.

Ulisses get his protein mainly from chicken and protein shakes, but in the final two weeks, he stop on chicken and either eat cod or tilapia. You are getting your proteins, but you must know how much to have it and when to stop having it.

For speeding up your metabolism approaching an event, you should increase your frequency of meals to 8-10 meals a day, but in small to moderate sized meals. You have to ensure as the event approaches that your body doesn’t leach energy from the glycogen stored in your muscles, rather takes it from the small meals you are putting into your body. “I spend a long time working hard to build my muscles mass up and it’s too easy to lose size and jeopardize aesthetics at the final hurdle,” tells the Universe Champion.

Increasing your fluid in take is primarily important for preventing dryness and diluting your body to help you get rid of toxins from your body. Increasing your water consumption helps remove toxins from your body faster. The other reason which Ulisses explains for increased water intake is to support your organs – by doubling the amount of protein you consume.

I increase my intake from 1.5 liters to 5-7 liters a day, says Ulisses.

This is the most interesting section possibly. Ulisses says he start bringing up almost all types of supplements a month before competition quitting per-workout drinks, post-workout drinks and night protein supplements. The final week is most crucial and you must do things as cleanly as possible, no short cuts help.

List of some of the best bodybuilding supplements that work for Ulisses:
Vitamin C, I add this to water, about 10 grams in a 5 liter bottle.
Vitamin E, taken orally – a powerful antioxidant
BCAAs my candy in the build up! These help prevent muscle breakdown and again keep a steady trickle of amino acids coming into my system to put my body off being tempted into burning muscle.
Glutamime recovery aid
Casein night time supplement taken before bed to keep my body supported trough the night.
Dandelion improves liver efficiency and contributes to my detox period.

The Bodybuilding supplements that work for men are essential to continue in the final week of the event.

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