Are You Somatopause(ing)? Then You Need To Know

So, are you or are you not?? Even if you are not Somatopausing, knowing all about it could be quite fruitful for you. But, if you are Somatopausing, there is an utter need for you to know about it and treat it as soon as you can.

What is Somatopause?

Somatopause refers to a decline in the blood levels of growth hormone somatotropin and another hormone that GH converts into, called IGF-I for somatomedin. Growth hormone secretion starts in middle age and decreases approx 14% every decade. Somatopause is quite common in middle-aged and elderly people.

But, there is nothing serious about it, many studies have revealed that somatopause can be treated with growth hormones and those abnormal features can be resolved as well.

What are the features of Somatopause?

The features of somatopause are quite similar to Classical Growth Deficiency. Here are some of the features of Somatopaue.
1. Increased fat mass: around waistline and abdomen
2. Decreased muscle mass and strength
3. Decreased bone density with increased of fracture
4. Abnormal blood lipids— high LDL or “bad” cholesterol, decreased HDL or “good” cholesterol
5. Increased CRP— C-Reactive Protein
6. Homocysteine— increased risk of heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s and cancers.
7. Decrease in total body water
8. Loss in height (common in elderly)

However, these factors may not be solely due to decline in Growth Hormone, multiple causes or co-factors may be responsible for these features.
Now, that you know all bout somatopause, you need to know a thing about HGH or a lot of things.

What is that you need to know about HGH or Why do you even need to GH? is that you need to know about HGH or Why do you even need to GH

Human Growth Hormone is produced naturally by the body in the pituitary gland, and is responsible for cell growth and regeneration and increasing muscle mass and bone density. Moreover, Growth Hormone plays an important role in maintaining the health of all human tissues, including that of the brain and other vital organs. Within minutes, liver converts GH into growth factors, which is extremely essential for insulin-like growth factor-1.

Aside from GH’s crucial role in keeping your body at a constant growing pace, not all of its benefits are necessarily evident to us. Growth Hormone has been know to slow down the progression of age-related health problems. Whereas, low GH level result in muscle loss, fat gain, low sex drive and energy levels, and a poor sense of well being.
Since growth hormone is essential for our well being, we need to obtain it from wherever we can. Generally, our body is the answer to this question—our body naturally produces growth hormone, but at the elderly age, our body sometimes fails to produce GH naturally. Hence, we need to obtain GH from other sources.

Where can you gain HGH from?

If your body is failing to produce enough Growth Hormones, you can obtain it from various health supplements. But, you may get the GH only through a doctor’s prescription and before taking any GH supplement, you must visit the doctor to identify your GH deficiencies and making the diagnoses. For those who lack, the doctor may prescribe pure IGF-1. Besides, you can also go for FDA approved GH supplements—one of a kind is Human Hormone Growth Energizer health supplements that fulfills all the GH requirements of the body, thus making you healthy and active.

While supplements may give you nutrients needed to provide a boost in GH production, arginine and glutamine also raise GH levels dramatically if taken in proper ratios.

HGH Energizer helps you regain your old self by increasing the Growth hormone in the body, because of all essential nutrients present in it. Therefore, it is essential for you to consume one such supplement to maintain your GH levels to age in a healthy way.

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