Simple and Effective Entire Week Weight Training Routine – Video

A muscular body is every man’s dream, but it takes a lot of hard work and discipline to build it. Knowing particular workout for a specific muscle group is not only important, but also needed to break your training routine on a daily basis as it targets each muscle group on a set day. Plan a routine on a weekly basis.

  • On Monday: focus on your chest workout: combine 4 sets of bench press, dumbbell bench press and incline cable flies.

  • On Tuesday: focus on your back, following 4 sets of pull down, seated rows and machine seated rows.

  • On Wednesday: focus on leg muscles, 4 sets of leg press, leg extensions and leg curls.

  • On Thursday: build your shoulder muscles, 4 sets of dumbbell press, front dumbbell raises and upright rows.

  • On the last day of training, maximize your biceps and triceps: practice 4 sets of preacher curls, cable bicep curls, behind the neck triceps extensions and decline sit ups.

Five day training routine is one of the most accepted among bodybuilders. Not only it ensures proper recovery of every muscle group, but also allows the trainee to work at a much higher intensity since each muscle group is only trained once in a week. While a full body workout can take up hours, you can complete split in less than an hour, which reduces the possibility of injuries. w to do them. So watch the video here.

Now you must be interested in knowing how to do them. So watch the video here.

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