5 Minutes At Home Cool Down And Full Body Stretching Exercises – [An Infographic]

Fullbody stretching

Fullbody stretchingWhile working out incorporate body stretching exercises to warm-up and cool down. Warm-ups are best for loosening and preparing cold muscles and joints for intense workouts. But its very important to keep in mind that stretching moves should be saved for a post workout as well. Particularly non-dynamic, static stretches held for any period longer than 5-10 seconds.

These exercises are very helpful for people with limited time for exercise. Just because your schedule is tight doesn’t mean your body will forgive you for skipping warm-ups and cool down. These exercises are enough to bring your heart rate down and stretch out the muscles.

Check out the infographic given below by “spotebi.com” to know the exercise which is very helpful for your body.

It’s an important part of your routine not only good for the body but also helps to avoid injuries. Also, an important variable that allows you to push yourself harder and perform at a more intense level.

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